October 7, 2015

BlockIQ Technology

BlockIQ has developed software that can detect visitors that are running AdBlock. Once an AdBlock visit is detected our system will intelligently respond based on the criteria you define for your website. For example:

  • Display a welcome message that explains the value of the website and the damage to the website and community inflicted by ad blocking.
  • Protect your content behind the BlockIQ Passwall™ system that refuses to serve content until your site is white labeled (meaning they configure their AdBlock to allow ads from your website).
  • Lastly the patented BlockIQ BlockBypass™ system can defeat ad blocking to serve ads to the visitor.

All of these systems are fully configurable to your personal specifications to find a proper balance between the visitor experience and revenue potential.


BlockIQ BlockBypass™

The BlockBypass system allows your site to continue to serve advertising to users running Adblock. It is important to understand that this setup requires an integration specific to your website — it is not as simple as dropping a javascript tag like you can do for normal advertising.

While efficient and powerful the BlockIQ technology is not foolproof and our engineers are continuously obliged to develop new solutions to combat the insidious techniques used by ad blocking software. This give and take cycle means that a portion of the ads will often be blocked while BlockIQ deploys a unique fix for your website each time it is blocked by AdBlock.

So how do you make money once your ads are able to bypass Adblock? Our system will allow your normal advertiser ads to run on supported third party ad network systems. We recommend our affiliate AdSupply.com an advertising partner that understands how to optimize Adblocked revenue.