How Much Money Are You Losing?

What is AdBlock?

Adblock is a threat to the very existence of the World Wide Web

A number of companies distribute apps and toolbars that prevent advertising from displaying on websites.
They operate by removing elements from the website HTML and blocking connections to other servers.

The users that run Adblock software do not provide any revenue for their use of your site and the content they view.
They break the long established understanding of free content in exchange for viewing advertising.


BlockIQ recovers revenue lost to Ad Blocking


Stop Losing Money

Measure the amount of adblocking on your site with our free online tool. Then add BlockIQ to run ads again.

Bypass Ad Blocking

BlockIQ’s patented technology can bypass adblock toolbars to recapture the ad revenue you deserve.

Protect Content

The BlockIQ Passwall system prevents users running adblock from viewing your content.

The Rise of Adblock

You will be assimilated

Adblocking has seen staggering worldwide growth.

An average site sees 20% of their advertising blocked while gaming and technology sites can experience upwards of 40% of their ads being blocked.

Adblock Apps have been the #1 sellers in the IPhone App Store.

Google Trends shows explosive interest in adblock on this chart

  • Worldwide Increase

    % AdBlock Increase from 2014 to 2015

  • Adblock Usage

    % of Users Running Adblock

  • Websites Losing Money

    Over $20 Billion lost 2015 due to Adblocking!

  • Future Advertising Revenue?

    Zero. Zilch. Nada. if Adblock has its way...

How many of your visitors run Adblock? Find out & recapture lost revenue!

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